Safety Onboard our vessels

All the skippers and crew onboard each of our vessels understand that safety onboard is absolutely paramount.

Our vessels are surveyed by AMSA / NSW Maritime Authority and carry all the appropriate safety equipment onboard, such as LifeJackets, LifeBouys and Fire Extinguishers.

The skippers and crew are all commerically qualified maritime professionals whom are trained in emergency procedures if ever required onboard.

So enjoy your next charter onboard a Harbour Cruise's vessel and safe cruising.

Here are some tips whilst cruising

- Listen to the Safety briefing when you first arrive

- Ask the Crew if you are unsure about something

- Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water

- Wear plenty of sunscreen.


Also note: There are plenty of covered/shaded areas onboard so you can relax away from the sun as well.


Harbour Cruises, Lavender Bay